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Client Testimonials

Global Rigging and Transport combines over 20 years of marine and heavy lift operations to provide safe and cost effective heavy lift and transport solutions.  As a North American company our services cover the US and Canada, along with many international destinations.  With a dedicated team that have been with the company since inception, GRT capitalizes on the dedication and work ethic of its core staff.

GRT employs only highly trained management and engineering staff.  Our approach is to provide proactive management through all aspects of a project; from dock/ground analysis for load distribution, to tug and barge chartering, complete with sea fastening design and stability calculations.  Read some testimonials below from our clients:


Relocation of four Paceco Cranes from Port Elizabeth, New Jersey to San Juan, Puerto Rico and demolition of a Paceco Crane at San Juan, (click here to find out more).

Hernan F. Ayala-Rubio - Executive Vice President

"Our company made the right decision by choosing your team to relocate the four (4) Paceco Cranes from Maher Terminal to our Terminal in San Juan. Since the first meetings we conducted we felt comfortable with your staff in planning this move. It was a complex project with time, weather and traffic constrains. During this process, your company made the right recommendations to make the operation more efficient and secure. 

During the execution we encounter issues out of your control and your staff was successful in overcoming the same and minimize the delays on the project. I was present on both ports for all the preloading, loading and discharge operation and can confirm that all safety measures were in place and your staff was very professional and organize at all times. Your knowledge of the work performed and of your equipment represented your experience in this field of work. 

The second part of the project which required the demolition of our old Paceco went very smooth and it was a clean operation from start to finish. In summary, planning, preparation, execution, and delivery was excellent. We will not have any doubts to hire your fine company again for any future project. We can recommend Global Rigging and Transport to any company that wants to relocate cranes and/or demolish cranes."


Relocation and Demolition of Container Cranes, (click here to find out more).

James K. Van Ness, III, P.E. - Director, Engineering, Facilities Maintenance and Environmental 

"The South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) would like to express their overall satisfaction as GRT displayed a high degree of professionalism, experience and expertise while executing and performing the project. 

The planning, engineering and execution were of high quality and highlighted the knowledge and experience of GRT. GRT's site management was effective as daily work activities were well organized and the site was at all times clean and safe. Communication between SCPA and GRT during the project was good and impact to SCPA operations was minimal. 

GRT successfully completed a challenging project and we would not hesitate to use them on future projects. SCPA highly recommends GRT to any company or owner considering performing similar work executed under this contract."


GRT performed a controlled crane demolition of a 180 ft 'Ship to Shore' crane, (click here to find out more).

Dave Michou - President 

"It was...gratifying to see GRT's successful demolition of CMI #6.  All went safely just as planned and on schedule.  The "DROP ZONE" was outlined and perfectly executed. This was a very professional job by an obviously dedicated hard-working team of GRT technicians.  There were issues that popped up on this project as usually happens, but thanks to the teamwork & cooperation between our companies everything was addressed promptly and satisfactorily to keep the project essentially on time & on budget.  Speaking on behalf of the SSA International group, we appreciate GRT's conscientious efforts on this project.  This has been a continuation of the cooperation and success on the prior projects where our companies have worked together. We look forward to continuing this relationship on the next few crane projects we have on our agenda.  Thanks again to the GRT team for the professionalism and cooperation shown on the San Juan project."


GRT was contracted to assist in the installation of a new vibrating grate floor on the power boiler at Cariboo Pulp and Paper.

Jordan Eichorn, EIT - Maintenance Engineer

"Their performance during this project was exceptional.  In addition to executing their scope of work ahead of schedule and under budget, they went above and beyond in many ways to assist the project in areas that were outside their predefined scope.  The pre job planning and engineering was carried out with careful attention to detail.  Global Rigging and Transport continued to identify efficiencies throughout the project in order to reduce costs and improve upon the schedule.  The project supervision team proved to be very valuable by demonstrating a great deal of knowledge and experience.  Global Rigging and Transport performed the task of moving four 22,000 lb. grate modules into the mill and lifting them into place with accuracy and precision.  At the onset of the project, this task was identified as being complex due to the extremely tight space constraints that were imposed by existing equipment in the mill.  However, even with this complexity, they were able to develop a plan and execute it safely without issue.  I look forward to future opportunities to work with Global Rigging & Transport."



GRT erected the full size ship to shore container crane at the BCMEA Training Facility; fabricated and installed a mock cell guide and lashing system for training purposes in Richmond, British Colombia: (click here to find out more).

John Beckett, CRSP, CHRP - Vice President, Training Safety & Recruitment

"With the support of Global Rigging and Transport (GRT) as subcontractor of Kocks Krane, we have recently completed the installation of our Kocks Boxer 4000 ship to shore container crane at our Waterfront Training Center (WTC) on Mitchell Island, Richmond BC.  As you are aware, this full-size 50 metre tall crane is the only ship to shore container crane in the World that was installed solely for the purpose of training longshore workers. Those of the 5,400 province-wide longshore workers who will receive training on this crane will arrive at the container terminals to complete their training in a live production environment will a level of skill and experience not previously possible. Their ability to move cargo to and from vessels as safely and quickly as possible is a key factor in the competitiveness of BC’s west coast ports, which in turn drives the Canadian economy. GRT was responsible for a large part of the success of this project.  As a subcontractor to Kocks Krane, during summer of 2015, GRT was responsible for the final unloading and laydown of all crane components on site, the erection and assembly of all crane structural components, the fit-up of the crane’s mechanical components including all cable reeving, the planning and coordination of major lifts.  Throughout this period, GRT was able to conform to the BCMEA’s site procedures with no disruption to our ongoing training operations on the remainder of the site. GRT also met the high safety standards that BCMEA strives to uphold at the WIC in conformance with the high safety standards we work with our Terminal Operator customer-members to develop and maintain.  Special recognition is deserved with respect to GRT going the extra mile by ensuring both BCMEA and Kocks Krane were supported through the availability of GRT’s competent management and workforce at the end of the project when critical timelines had to be met for inspection purposes.  We will not hesitate to consider GRT in any future projects."


Mechanical assembly/erection of one Kocks STS training crane for British Columbia Maritime Employers Association: (as above, click here to find out more).

Matt Chard - Service Director

"Kocks Krane GmbH, would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the effective manner in which the above mentioned project was completed by Global Rigging and Transport.  All stages of the project were completed successfully, ensuring quality, Health & Safety and programme requirements were realised.  Global Rigging and Transport employees proved to be highly proficient and competent in their relevant fields of expertise.  I would have no hesitation in engaging Global Rigging and Transport to undertake similar future projects."


GRT completed a slide-back & reposition of a 1970 40LT Kocks Container Crane weighing approximately 900 tons.

George Funke - Crane Maintenance Manager

"Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation of Global Rigging and Transport. I have had the opportunity to work with the engineers of Global Rigging and Transport over the past 15 years through a variety of projects including: container crane transport, slide-backs, and crane modifications.  Global Rigging and Transport has demonstrated a professional and ethical caliber during this time. Most Recently, Global Rigging completed a slide-back & reposition of a 1970 40LT Kocks Container Crane weighing approximately 900 tons.  Schedules were maintained and the project was completed on time. Safety was regarded as top priory. Global Rigging and Transport has shown their ability to collaborate as team players and have been willing to be flexible with vessel schedules and adverse weather conditions.  Understanding that it takes highly qualified personnel to maintain good relationships, Global Rigging and ‘Transport has provided exceptional staff that stays involved and accessible throughout a project.  Global Rigging and Transport is truly a group that Greenwich Terminals, LLC will continue to work with in the future."


GRT assemble (1) 300-ton capacity Goliath Crane for Vancouver Shipyard; (click here to find out more).

William R Clewes - Director, Operations

Global Rigging and Transport under the direct supervision of Andrew Johnson work in the Vancouver shipyard erecting a 300ton gantry crane the biggest unit in Canada.  During the time at Vancouver shipyards Andrews’s leadership in all aspect of the work was second to none.  Safety was a high priority for GRT and Seaspan and was paramount in all decisions during the project. Andrews care for the crew and customer was always in the forefront when making decision to keep the project moving forward. Along with safety Andrew was very good and making decisions with the crews input to make the productivity move forward with all safety concerns addressed while being innovative with cost savings for the customer.  Global Rigging and transport completed the work on time and budget, even though this was a very difficult project working with a foreign sub contractor due to language Issues and work standards.  I would gladly hire them under Andrews’s guidance in the future and recommend the group to anyone who is looking for a group to push a project to completion in a safe and cost effect manner."


GRT assemble (1) 300-ton capacity Goliath Crane for Vancouver Shipyard; (as above, click here to find out more).

Stjepan Bagaric - President

"This letter is to confirm that our co-operation with the GRT Company was good experience.  Having worked with the company on Seaspan 300 ton goliath crane we found their performance to be excellent.  Their management is very competent, knowledgeable, willing to progress, which in our case had positive effect on the common effort to finish the job in good quality, in time and customer satisfaction.  It is definitely our intention to cooperate with the GRT on future projects.  We recommend to any potential customers to give serious consideration to GRT participation on their projects."


GRT raise two Container Cranes 20’, extend their booms, replace the trolley rails on three cranes and move four cranes for realignment on the dock: (click here to find out more).

Mike Epps - Supervisor, Equipment and Facilities Maintenance

"Trapac wishes to express our complete satisfaction by the work carried out by your company with reference to the above mentioned contract. From the start of the project through completion the entire GRT team maintained a high degree of professionalism, experience and expertise.  Submittals were timely, accurate and of very professional quality. The engineering and drawings provided by GRT were thorough, accurate and represented the experience of the GRT engineering team.  Site management was well organized in planning the work activities, professional, efficient and the site was at all times clean and safe. Communication between Trapac and GRT was very good and the contract was always complied with, which are critical on the success of projects of this nature. Corporate OSHA, site safety programs and QAQC programs were well implemented and well documented. GRT’s staff was knowledgeable and adhered to OSHA/ANSI and ASTM construction standards and codes.  The lifts with mobile cranes and with GRT’s Lifting Frame in raising our cranes were well planned, all had pre-lift safety meetings and there was excellent communication at all times during the crane raises. Lifts were flawless and went as planned.  GRT provided a safe turnkey project that we consider a success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Global Rigging & Transport to any company considering similar works as performed under this contract."


GRT has worked on various projects at Fraser Surrey Docks for over 10 years.

Jurgen Franke, P.Eng - Director of Engineering and Maintenance 

"Our engineering team at Fraser Surrey Docks has had the pleasure of working with Global Rigging and Transport for more than 10 years.

GRT has supplied a verity of services within our terminal however the most notable are the following:

  1. Offload, testing and commissioning of 1 Hanjung STS Container Crane including a two year warranty contract with the manufacturer.

  2. Offload, testing and commissioning of 2 Doosan STS Container Cranes including a two year warranty contract with the manufacturer.

  3. Relocation of 1 Paceco STS Container Crane accomplished by slide back method.

  4. Erection services for the upgrade of our Agricultural Products Ship-Loader.

  5. Replacement of gear boxes, boom hinge pins, festoon systems and main hoist wire ropes.

It has been my observation throughout the years that GRT management and supervision are easy to work with, knowledgeable and providing safe and cost effective services.  Based on my experience and given the opportunity I wouldn’t hesitate to hire GRT for similar work in the future and would recommend their services to anyone considering projects within their expertise."


GRT was contracted to assemble, test and commission two Stacker/Reclaimers for the Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Coal Terminal in Mobile, Alabama: (click here to find out more).

David A. Wallace - Project Manager

"We would like to acknowledge the professionalism and commitment to quality completion of the two new Stacker Reclaimers delivered to McDuffie Coal Terminal.  These units were delivered in multiple pieces and required extensive assembly, testing and commissioning to achieve Commercial Operation of both Stacker Reclaimers. Global Rigging & Transport personnel successfully performed all tasks within their scope of supply and were able to offer suggestions and assistance to other involved parties as well.  We appreciate the effort and expertise provided by Global Rigging in support of this project and look forward to future opportunities to work with you again in the future."

GRT has had an excellent working relationship with IMPSA since we started in various aspects including - engineering, loading, transportation and off loading of container cranes and other material handling systems.

Martin C. Albacete - President

"IMPSA has worked with Mr. Felch on a continuous basis...during which he was the principal in engineering, loading, barge transportation and offloading of (2) 5OLT Container Cranes for the Port of Houston Authority, Barbours Cut Terminal, Morgan's Point, TX; (3) 4OLT Container Cranes for the U.S Dept. of the Navy, Concord, CA and Port Hadlock, WA; and (1) 4OLT Bucket Unloader for 1C Railmarine Terminal, Convent, LA.  In all cases Mr. Felch and his crew performed the work in accordance with the best practices, and to the complete satisfaction of both IMPSA and the Owners.  They have very good engineering capabilities and a proven site working record.  We are glad to be able to recommend their services."

GRT was contracted by IMPSA Port Systems for the transport of nine new Post Panamax Container Cranes to South Asia Gateway Terminal (SAGT) in Colombo, Sri Lanka: (click here to find our more).
Charlie Rutter - General Manager Engineering Services

"SAGT wishes to express our complete satisfaction as to the work carried out.  Weather conditions for both load on and load off varied greatly...and presented many possible problems to all concerned.  During our involvement with Global Rigging and their staff we found them to be a very professional and reliable company.  The on/off loads took place in very trying sea conditions yet all went as planned.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Global Rigging & Transport to any company considering similar works to that undertaken by us."

GRT was congratulated for their excellent job performance in completing the recovery boiler rebuild project at Prince George Pulp with Canadian Industrial Mill Services (CIMS): (click here to find out more).
Herb Gill - VP & Chief Operating Officer

"I'd like to congratulate GRT on an excellent job performance in completing the Recovery Boiler rebuild project at PG Pulp with CIMS.  Together we were able to bring this project under budget and ahead of schedule.  In my mind the key enabling factors for the project's success were high-quality project supervision, good communication and perhaps most importantly, the significant detail planning by CIMS and GRT together in the months preceding project start up.  It was during that time that the potential construction issues were surfaced, innovative solutions developed and crystalized into a solid plan.  We look forward to working with you on future projects."


GRT completed the design, fabrication and operation of a custom self-jacking frame and dolly delivery system required for a major shut down at a pulp and paper mill located in central BC: (as above, click here to find out more).

Sam Sidsworth - CPLP Senior Owners Representative and Martin Pudlas - General Manager

"Canfor Pulp’s Prince George Pulp and Paper mill recently completed a large retrofit of the #1 Recovery Boiler. The project scope was to remove the entire bottom of the boiler and replace it with new membrane walls, decanting floor and complete air system.  Global Rigging and Transport’s (GRT) staff and modern equipment played a key role in the demolition of the old wall sections, prefabrication of the new floor and the installation of the new wall panels and floor. lt is our estimate, that the innovative rigging. fabrication jigs and equipment moving methods implemented by GRT reduced the installation schedule by approximately 2 weeks. GRT consistently carried out their work in a professional and courteous manner based on all of our needs. Their working team also set and maintained high safety standards which resulted in an immaculate safety record.  We are pleased to have worked with GRT and would recommend the services and work performance of Global Rigging and Transport without hesitation."


GRT were involved in the repairs of 2 Paceco container cranes following an 8.8 earthquake in the area: (click here to find out more).

Alberto Borquez - General Manager

"I would like to thank the entire GRT Team for the excellent service and acknowledge the professional approach and commitment to quality the team provided throughout the entire crane repair project at San Antonio Terminal International (STI), Chile during the winter months of 2010.  As you know the local area encountered an 8.8 earthquake on February 27, 2010 which then in turn contributed to a collision involving two container cranes and a container ship at the STI Terminal. This collision caused major structural damage to the boom and main frame of Crane # 3 causing it to be knocked off the landside rails along with major structural damage to the boom of Crane # 4.

The damage sustained to both cranes left them inoperable therefore obstructing normal port operations and shutting down one of the terminals shipping berths. Through good communications and detailed planning between STI and GRT the necessary equipment was mobilized, both cranes were stabilized, relocated to a suitable repair area where the booms were removed and the required structural repairs were performed prior to being relocated back to the wharf and back into service a few short months later.  Overall GRT provided a safe turnkey solution to a complex problem; we consider the project a huge success therefore I would have no hesitation to contract Global Rigging and Transport for additional work of this nature and would recommend your services to any company considering similar work as performed under this contract."

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