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Heavy Lift & Transport

Global Rigging and Transport (GRT) is committed to providing innovative heavy lift transportation and rigging solutions to our customers worldwide. GRT specializes in complex projects that require substantial engineering, planning, project management, logistics expertise and specialized equipment.

GRT has transported, assembled and/or modified over 250 Container Cranes, Shipyard Cranes and other large structures. We have a range of services when it comes to moving large industrial structures such as Container Cranes including slide backs, localized port movements, and complete structure relocations. In addition, we have equipment and systems that can be assembled in vacant areas to minimize disruptions to daily port activities.

In combination with the heavy lift and transportation logistics, GRT engineers provide you with the sea-fastening details and equipment, structural analysis of the vessel and cargo, as well as the loading and ballast plans. We are familiar with the vessels and operators in the heavy lift industry, and strive to find the best match for each project.


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