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Truss System (CTTS)

Combining state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, Global Rigging & Transport delivers complete heavy lifting and rigging solutions for a range of projects around the world.

Container crane transport - Global Rigging and Transport's Containerised Transport Truss System (CTTS) has been developed for the transport of cranes without the need for disassembly. The system is comprised of two separate trusses that are transported inside standard shipping containers, enabling them to be moved around the world.  The primary function of the truss system is to reduce the time required for relocating cranes within shipping terminals.

The GRT truss system has been specifically designed for the land transport of container cranes weighing up to 2000 tons. The system is made up of two trusses that are designed to span from the landside sill beam across to the waterside sill beam for cranes with a rail gauge of up to 100'. Each truss is made up of 15 main components and designed to be shipped inside standard containers for easy mobilization and demobilization. Each truss can be fully erected in a remote area, away from terminal traffic. Once completely erected, the truss is then transported on its own wheels and installed under the crane to be moved, thereby limiting downtime and disruption to normal Port activities.



CTTS Assembled and Ready for Dollies

CTTS Assembled Ready to Move Under Crane


Simple CTTS Mounting Configuration

CTTS Under 1900 Ton Container Crane

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