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Colombo Boom Repair

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Client: South Asia Gateway Terminal (SAGT)
Project: Crane Boom Repair

During the commissioning of a new container crane at South Asia Gateway Terminal (SAGT) the boom was buckled due to an instrument failure.  GRT was immediately commissioned to send an engineer to fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka and access the damage, develop a boom replacement procedure and then replace the boom as soon as possible.

The country of Sri Lanka did not have a crane(s) large enough to remove/replace the boom. The boom weighed 150-ton and was at an elevation of 46 meters above the rail. While staying on site at SAGT, GRT designed a tower system with four 100-ton lift units for removal and replacement of the boom.  GRT air freighted one of its skid systems and the lift system to SAGT and began preparations for removing the boom.  With one of its skid systems, GRT skidded the crane back about 100 meters and installed the tower system with 100-ton lift units for removing the boom.

While the boom was being removed, GRT was loading a new boom onto a barge in Cilegon, Indonesia.  GRT unloaded the new boom at SAGT and positioned it under the tower system.  The boom was installed, the crane was skid forward, placed on the rails and commissioning resumed.

GRT has completed numerous crane modifications and repairs around the world.  We have experienced and knowledgeable staff that will ensure the quality, integrity and safety of every project.

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