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Hydraulic Dolly

Global Rigging & Transport delivers complete heavy lifting and rigging solutions for a range of projects around the world.

GRT's hydraulic transport dollies are engineered and built specifically for the demands of challenging heavy haul and rigging projects. GRT uses 50 ton hydraulic transportation dollies to move modules weighing up to 4000-tons. Our dollies are shipped around the world in containers, are quick to assemble and perform well under adverse conditions. We use a combination self-powered, remote steered dollies and towed self steering dollies. GRT has configured arrangements of up to 48 units to move 1900 ton container cranes through busy ports, using carefully charted paths for movements in tight areas.


Customized Dolly System Moving Boiler Floor

Dollies Under CTTS Moving 1400 Ton Crane in Malta 

GRT has used the hydraulic dollies in multiple projects; please click on the links below for more information:

CIMS Teck - moving vessels and transformers in Trail BC

Project Cargo Alabama Stackers

Moving 1400 ton crane in Malta

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