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Crane Dismantling


With the aging fleet of container cranes and ship loaders and the increasing size of ports around the world, GRT customers have come to us to expertly dismantle and demolish their old crane to make room for bigger and better cranes. GRT has proven that it cannot only move, erect and modify these structures, but we can also expertly take them apart and recycle them.

We use two different methods when dismantling cranes:


1. Taking apart piece by piece; this is the more conventional method.  The majority of port operators choose this method as they do not want to risk damage to the port infrastructure. 


2. The toppling method; this is where we use small explosions to weaken the crane and then pull at it using wire ropes and forklifts.  Although this demolition is different from the conventional method, we still consider it a controlled demolition and perform structural analysis and engineering to ensure the safety of port operations, our crew and equipment.

Crane dismantling and disposal is a complex task due to the size and weight of the crane. GRT's technical expertise enables us to provide a safe crane dismantling and disposal service in the shortest amount of time.




Click on the videos below to see drone footage from GRT's recent demolition of a 180 ft ship to shore crane; executed safely, on time and within budget:  For more information, read our blog post.

















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