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Load Testing


GRT offers comprehensive load testing services around the world. Load testing is very important when determining the safety and efficiency of your equipment. GRT provides operational and proof testing along with certification for all types of crane and lifting equipment based on the mandatory requirements of government and industrial standards. Load testing is not only a legal requirement in all provinces, states and most countries, but it is also an essential part of any accredited inspection, repair or maintenance program for lifting equipment.

Depending on the project requirements GRT will engineer a load test system using traditional solid weights, water bags or a combination of both to achieve the load test requirements.

GRT engineers design and fabricate custom spreader bars to accommodate your project requirements. GRT continues to expand its inventory and therefore increasing its load testing capabilities enabling us to better serve our client's needs. All of our test weights are controlled and verified using certified load test cells and flow meters. In all our operations safety is paramount. GRT is your source for load testing, inspection, repair, maintenance, and installation.


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