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Global Rigging and Transport is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace environment. Our Health & Safety policy forms the basis for the development and application of safety systems, behaviors and standards. These help safeguard employees, clients, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we work.

We train and empower our employees to be safety leaders and have safety as the first priority in all aspects of our operations. To us, considering health and safety in everything we do isn't just a work requirement; it's a core value and a way of life.

Strong safety leadership is one of the pillars of any effective safety culture. Our management team—through to our project and site supervision—supports, engages and challenges our employees, colleagues and partners alike to improve safety performance in all their activities.

With our project work, we constantly challenge ourselves to find a better, safer way to get the job done. And we do. We’ve managed some of the world's most difficult projects in some of its most unforgiving locations, never compromising safety in construction, and always insisting on the best safety-design principles in all our engineering activities.

Global Rigging and Transports unyielding stand on Health and Safety continues to deliver industry leading results and while our methodologies, project plans and work locations are constantly changing, our values do not, and safety is a core value.

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