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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

September, 2018

Location: Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) is the home to four Series 20 and four Series 40 cranes that are to be relocated, modified, reinstated and raised.

GRT engineers are currently in the design phase of this exciting project; they need to design the crane raise modification for the two types of crane, which require two completely different sets of engineering.

The next phase will be the leg sections; working on the fabrication of leg inserts and the diagonals for the first set of four cranes.  The Series 20 are to be raised 11 metres, taking them 36 metres above the rail and the Series 40 will be raised 8 metres, which will take them 50 metres above the rail.

It is absolutely essential GRT carry out this work; the Panama Canal recently expanded and bigger, taller, wider ships can now pass through it.  MIT and ports worldwide need to adapt their cranes to accommodate the larger ships to remain competitive; otherwise the ships will go elsewhere.

An alternative to raising the cranes would be to replace them all.  But when this entire project costs less than one crane replacement, it makes economic sense to have the cranes raised and not replaced.

GRT have offices in Virginia (US), Vancouver (Canada), San Antonio (Chile) and Panama City (Panama), enabling their capacity to meet the needs of global clients quickly and efficiently.

For more information about this project & Global Rigging & Transport, please contact:

Tommy Felch


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