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Canfor Boiler Rebuild

Design, Fabrication & Operation of a Custom Self-Jacking Frame and Dolly Delivery System

Location: Central British Columbia, Canada
Client: Canadian Industrial Mill Services (CIMS)
Project: Design, Fabrication and Operation of a Custom Self-jacking Frame and Dolly Delivery System

In 2012 GRT completed the design, fabrication and operation of a custom self-jacking frame and dolly delivery system required for a major shut down at a pulp and paper mill located in central BC.  The system was used in the demolition and rebuild of a recovery boiler floor and wall platens.

One of the major objectives of this project was to reduce the overall shutdown duration. The client therefore, needed to have the boiler floor and frame modular moved into the boiler house in large components in an effort to successfully meet this objective.


One of the challenges GRT faced performing this work included the need to reduce the overall height of the boiler floor and other modules during transportation to accommodate headroom of 8', while passing through a building en route to the boiler house. In addition, the 12 wall platens which measured 50'x 8' each had to be transported into the hoisting area under the boiler house along the same route.

GRT was not originally contracted to supply services to move any old boiler components out of the boiler house. However, once onsite, we developed a simple self-propelled trailer. In the end GRT successfully moved over 30 loads of old boiler components from the boiler house.


The boiler floor transport frame designed and fabricated by GRT not only accommodated the height restrictions and long length of platens, but also accommodated the tight 90 degree corner and pump foundations restricting the transport route into the boiler house and under the recovery boiler.


The design was unprecedented and was completed one week ahead of schedule!

Headquartered in Surrey, BC, Canada and Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Global Rigging & Transport (GRT) is one of the world's leading Heavy Lift and Transport firms providing innovative solutions for lifting and transporting large, unusual and unique loads. With every project, whether big or small, Global Rigging & Transport has a proven track record of safety and efficiency. Management and staff at GRT are pleased with the outcome of the project and their contribution and look forward to working with CIMS and Canfor on future endeavors.

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View of pre-assembled boiler floor at GRT before moving into boiler house


Moving one of twelve 50ft wall platens into the boiler house - each weighed just over 20,000 lbs.


The two dollies shown in the configuration have a capacity of 40 tons each. However, the load shown here weighs in at 18 tons total. The dolly on the right has a power pack that supplies the power for driving, steering and jacking.


One of the twelve wall platens being lifted off the drive dolly and tailed up vertically using a standard steering dolly.

Note that the wall panel is in a position at the 90 degree corner and that all modules had to be negotiated around.


The access hole in the building - the overall max height was 8'.


Frame and floor assembly in final position ready for jacking operations after all the welding was completed.


Squeezing the first floor module through one of the two openings in the building that we needed to pass through on route to the boiler house.


Frame and floor assembly jacked into final position.

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