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GRT Conducts Forklift Stability Test to Ensure Compliance with Safety Standards

Forklifts are essential tools for many industries, including construction, manufacturing and warehousing. They are used to lift and move heavy loads, making tasks that would be impossible for humans to accomplish, easy and efficient. However, these machines can be dangerous if they are not stable and balanced properly. That's why at Global Rigging and Transport we have recently conducted a stability test on a modified forklift to ensure it complies with the Safety Standard for Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks.

Check out our YouTube video of the forklift stability test below. In the video, we explain how we fabricated a tilt platform in the shop in Surrey, BC and used a 165t crane to add slope angles to the platform. We then attached the forklift to another platform grounded with lock blocks, to prevent it from toppling if it were to pass its balance point.

The forklift stability test is an essential step in ensuring that the forklift complies with the Safety Standard for Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks. This standard is designed to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries associated with forklift use. The standard covers various aspects of forklift safety, including stability, brakes, steering and other important components.

During the stability test, the forklift was put through various tilting angles to test its stability and balance. The test was conducted to ensure that the modifications made to the forklift, including a new mast, did not compromise its stability and balance.

The GRT team did an excellent job in conducting the stability test, it showcases our expertise and commitment to ensuring the safety of machinery. The forklift stability test is just one example of the many tests and checks that GRT conducts to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment and machinery.

If you would like the GRT team to modify and test your forklifts or if you require any of our other services please contact:

GRT have offices in Virginia (US), Vancouver (Canada), San Antonio (Chile) and Panama City (Panama), enabling our capacity to meet the needs of global clients quickly and efficiently.


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