Crane Modifications & Repairs


Global Rigging & Transport (GRT) offers a complete line of crane services including crane modifications, repairs, assembly, dismantling, removal and salvage. Our crane modification and repair services can help to minimize the cost of downtime, as well as, the safety of your

Global Rigging & Transport has completed numerous crane modifications that include replacing trolley and festoon rails, wire ropes, mechanical refurbishing, structural repairs, flame strengthening, and electrical controls. In preparation for each project, we do our best to identify and utilize any of the resources available from our clients, and from the project location. The end result is typically a combination of resources, customized to best accomplish the project activities, while keeping costs and schedule to a minimum.

Crame Boom Section removed

 Crane boom section removed for repair

Crane Boom post repair

Crane boom post repair

MCC room replacement 2

 Lowering Ship-loader MCC Room on Custom Built Hydraulic Elevator

Flame Straighting boom

Flame Straighting Boom

Ship Collision Repairs

Ship Collision Repairs

Overhead Crane Repair

Overhead Crane Repair

Millwrights working on crane hoist

Millwrights Working on Crane Hoist

YorkTown Crane Removal

Yorktown Crane Removal for Nearing Repair



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