Crane Dismantling

Crane dismantling and crane disposal services

With the aging fleet of container cranes and ship loaders and the increasing size of ports around the world, GRT customers have come to us to expertly dismantle and demolish their old crane to make room for bigger & better cranes. GRT has proven that it cannot only move, erect, and modify these structures, but we can also expertly take them apart and recycle them.

Crane dismantling and disposal is a complex task due to the size and weight of the crane. GRT's technical expertise enables us to
provide a safe crane dismantling and disposal service in the shortest amount of time.

A-Frame Section Removal

Container Crane A-Frame Section Removal

Shoulder Beam Removal

Shoulder Beam Removal

Container Crane Machine House Removal

Container Crane  Machine House Removal

Removing Container Crane Boom

Removing Container Crane Boom

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