Gold Mine Tunnel Move

Moving Concrete Tunnel Sections

Round Mountain Nevada: Moving tunnel section into position

Bringing tunnel section into new position


Tunnel section in route

Tunnel section in route

Location: Round Mountain, Nevada

Client: Round Mountain Gold Corporation

Project: Move Gold Mine Tunnel Sections

GRT was contracted to move four concrete tunnel sections at Round Mountain Gold Corporations mine site in central Nevada. The concrete tunnel sections were part of the mines crushing operation that had to be relocating within the mine.  The tunnel sections weighed 1200-tons each including conveyor components and were 30' square by 70' long.  GRT moved the tunnel sections one mile from their existing location, up and down several 5% grades, through 180 degree turns, 90 degree turns and "S" turns.  Once GRT arrived at the new location, the tunnel sections had to be set down on their new foundation to tight tolerances as the four tunnel sections and the conveyors inside had to be reconnected to make one long tunnel.

GRT designed & developed a transporter to roll over the tunnel sections, lift them and secure them for the 1 mile transport.  GRT used several of their systems on the transporter:

  1. 2000-ton capacity lift system for lifting the tunnel sections
  2. 400-ton capacity push/pull system for stabilizing the tunnel sections and transporter frame
  3. GRT Tension and regular clevis, with hydraulic cylinders, for keeping the tunnel in position for moving up and down grades
  4. Hydraulic dolly transport system capable of propelling the tunnel sections up the grades as well as controlling the decent of the tunnel down grade, all the while negotiating through a series of turns.

Pressures on the hydraulic systems were connected to a central control station where the loads could be easily monitored against expected shifts in loads throughout the travel route.  

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