Load Testing Equipment

Load Testing, CSA load testing, ASME load testing
Crane load testing - Global Rigging and Transport (GRT) provides both static and operational load testing and certification for all types of cranes. Test loading is the most definitive method for determining the load capacity of any given system. Particular emphasis is placed on the performance of the dynamic conditions of the crane, checking the braking systems and mobility under working conditions.

Depending on project requirements GRT will engineer a load test system using traditional solid weights on a solid weight frame. Concrete weight can be added to achieve the desired weight up to 328 tons. Our water weight bags are also versatile and can be used in combination with solid weights to achieve the load test required. GRT engineers, designs and fabricates custom spreader bars to accommodate your project requirements. As we continue to expand our equipment inventory we increase our load testing capabilities enabling us to better serve our client's needs. All of our test weight are controlled and verified using certified load cells and flow meters.

Load frame 

GRT Load Test Frame. Can Test up to 380 tons

Ship Davit 

Ships Davits Tested Using Water Weights

Sand bags

Sand Bags on Conveyor to Simulate Load

Water bags on custom spreader

Water Bags on Custom Spreader

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